Monday, July 4, 2011

Time Gets Away From Us All........

It's been (a long) while since I've posted but what can I and family and work come first!  In May I  was fortunate enough to take two full days of classes with Tim Holtz and I've posted some of the art pieces we did!  He is a wonderful instructor with the patience of Jobe and soooo unbelievably creative!!  I love, love, love altered speaks to me.   I have three new pieces below.   Hope you enjoy my work!

The piece below is called "Patchwork Pandemonium".  Each block was individually painted, inked, distressed, etc.  Several of the pieces are found items from yard sales.  The fan in the upper left-hand corner was a jewelry piece that was attached to the bar in the lower left-hand block.   The piece that the finger is pointing to is an old leather-backed broach found at a yard sale.  How fun to finally get to use these found objects!

My next piece is called "Creative Blocks".  It is canvas covered with different pieces of paper and painted with melted wax.....yep....I said wax!  It really softens the look of the paper.  Additional canvas blocks were attached to the base.  Again, found objects decorate the piece.

The next two pieces are shadow boxes.   The one directly below is my favorite piece and is entitled "Stuff to Love".  Note that the "lighted" picture in the lower left was done by copying the picture as a negative onto acetate and then taping it to the bottom of one of those battery operated flickering candles found in the craft store.  Gives a really cool effect and you can turn it off and on as needed!

Finally, here is another shadow box I did for a friend at work whose in-laws were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  She wanted a one-of-a-kind gift and she got one!  She collected items specific to their wedding i.e. the car is a '56 blue & white Buick like the one they eloped in, and the clock is set to the time of their wedding.  Behind the watch is a copy of the telegram they sent to their parents (who knew they were eloping) telling them they were married and when they'd be back.  The quarter at the top is from 1961 - the year they were married.  The hearts hanging from the 'Yours Mine Ours" piece hold a picture of each of their four 4 children.  Each item has a significance to them personally. They were blown-away by the memories this piece evoked and I was honored to have helped make their anniversary so special!   


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Angie said... Hi Sue!

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